KoinX Launching In Australia

KoinX in Australia
Explore crypto-staking taxation in Australia and learn to calculate your tax liability.

KoinX is a new-age crypto tax calculation platform. It makes it easy for crypto investors and traders to calculate and generate reliable tax reports. The platform simplifies the often-complex process of crypto tax compliance.

With KoinX, you can connect all the major exchanges and wallets, and the platform will automatically import all your transaction data. It then uses this data to calculate capital gains and losses, computing relevant taxes. Once the calculations are complete, a comprehensive tax report is generated that you can use to file your taxes.

But why are we detailing the numerous salient features of KoinX? It’s because we’re excited to announce KoinX’s launch in Australia. Australian crypto investors and traders can now use KoinX to simplify their crypto tax compliance and ensure they fulfill all the ATO obligations.

KoinX Success Stories From India

KoinX is a trusted platform for crypto enthusiasts in India, recording over 75 million transactions worth over $50 billion in turnover and generating over 60,000 crypto tax reports. KoinX has made it easy for Indian users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies as well as file their tax reports.

We are committed to helping you learn about taxes on cryptocurrencies. Our platform offers a variety of educational resources and tools to help you make informed decisions in the world of cryptocurrency. KoinX is designed to provide maximum security to your crypto transaction data and minimum efforts to generate tax reports. Our platform supports over 25,000 crypto assets along with NFTs.

KoinX's Journey To Australia

After enjoying its success in India, KoinX is now embarking on a journey to expand in Australia and other global markets. Prior to venturing into the Australian market, we had the privilege of building a strong foundation as a trusted crypto tax reporting and portfolio management platform in India. Our journey in India was not just a success but a testament to the growing need for global crypto tax reporting solutions. This success was proof of concept, demonstrating a demand for global crypto tax reporting solutions. 

Since about 25.6% of the total Australian population owns some cryptocurrency and its adoption has steadily increased, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has established clear guidelines regarding crypto taxation. Hence, KoinX’s services will help you comply with tax regulations by providing accurate and comprehensive crypto tax reports.

Top Features Of KoinX

Feature 1: User-friendly Interface

KoinX offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even for beginners. It is intuitive to help you start quickly and easily.

One of the most notable features of the KoinX interface is its simplicity. The platform is well-organised and easy to understand. Moreover, KoinX also offers a variety of tutorials and support articles to help you get the most out of the platform.

Feature 2: Advanced Reporting Tools

KoinX also provides high-class tools for reliable tax reports. These tools are designed to help you meet the latest crypto tax regulations, thereby helping you save time and resources. Here is a list of these advanced tax reporting tools: 

Auto-Classification Of Transactions

This feature enables you to classify your transactions based on the type of activity, such as trade, swap, transfer, mine, airdrop, etc. It will help you generate accurate tax reports based on the nature of the transactions. 

Spam Token Filters 

Filter out unwanted tokens that may have been airdropped or sent to your wallet without your consent. You can exclude them from your tax calculations and reports or mark them as spam and delete them permanently.

Revamped Warnings Filter

This feature helps you identify and resolve any transaction issues or errors, such as missing data, duplicate entries, mismatched prices, etc. You can filter the warnings by severity, category, or date and fix them individually or in bulk.

Quick Edit

Edit transaction details, such as date, time, amount, price, fee, etc. You can add notes or tags to your transactions for better organisation and tracking.

Feature 3: Security Measures

At KoinX, security is paramount. We are an ISO-certified company and understand that your tax information is sensitive and confidential. Therefore, we are committed to protecting it from unauthorised access, use, or disclosure to third parties.

Moreover, we use AES encryption, such as API keys, to secure the transmission and storage of your data.. We have implemented a strong security framework backed by numerous certifications.

We have established an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that is effectively disseminated across our organisation. Further, we conduct routine security awareness training to ensure all staff adhere to optimal security practices.

Feature 4: Free And Accurate Crypto Calculator

KoinX allows you to automatically import your transaction history from over 180 exchanges and wallets. It then calculates your capital gains and losses using different accounting methods and generates an accurate tax report at zero cost. You can also adjust your cost basis, add custom transactions, and view your tax summary for any tax year.

Feature 5: Seamless Portfolio Management

Another top feature of KoinX is its seamless portfolio management. You can easily track your portfolio performance, balance, and allocation across different coins and platforms.

You can also view your historical transactions, cost basis, unrealised and realised gains, and tax liabilities in real time. We support over 25,000 crypto assets along with NFTs
and integrate with over 180 exchanges, wallets, and blockchains.

Impeccable Customer Service

KoinX is known for its impeccable customer service. The platform offers 24/7 support to you in English and has a team of experienced and knowledgeable customer support representatives who are always willing to help.

Here is a collection of inspiring testimonials that spotlight the exceptional level of customer service we provide.

  • “KoinX is known for its impeccable crypto tax calculations and portfolio management solution. Their precision and speed in calculating crypto taxes are unparalleled. KoinX’s platform effortlessly handles complex transactions, ensuring accurate crypto tax reporting and compliance. They have been a valuable compliance partner for BitBNS; their scalability model allows us to handle increasing volumes effortlessly. The user-friendly platform has simplified the tax process, making it accessible to users of all levels of expertise.” – Chandan Kumar, Co-Founder, Onramp.Money
  • KoinX is a game-changer for cryptocurrency tax calculations. Their user-friendly platform and excellent customer support features simplify the process. Automatic syncing with exchanges eliminates manual tracking. It’s a reliable companion for stress-free tax management, and I highly recommend it to everyone.”- Shubham Pandey
  • “Tax calculating platform, truly one of its kind! I have been associated with KoinX for the past 1 year & I can’t emphasize more the accuracy of the reports provided by the platform, easing all accountant’s work” – Srishty

In addition to its reliable tax reports, we at KoinX also aim to offer dedicated support to users in Australia. 

Why Choose KoinX For Crypto Tax In Australia?

If you are a crypto investor or trader in Australia, you need a reliable and compliant crypto tax solution. We at KoinX are the best choice because of the following benefits.

Compliance With Australian Regulations

KoinX is designed to comply with all the latest ATO guidelines and rules for crypto taxation. The platform calculates your capital gains and losses and income taxes based on your crypto transactions. It classifies your transactions based on their nature and computes the taxes based on the same.

Real-time Reporting

KoinX provides real-time reporting for your crypto transactions. You can connect your exchange accounts and wallets to KoinX and sync your data automatically.

We will track your crypto balances, prices, and movements and update your tax calculations accordingly. You can view your tax dashboard and reports anytime and anywhere on the KoinX website.

Customised Tax Strategies

KoinX helps you optimise your crypto tax outcomes with customised tax strategies. We analyse your crypto portfolio and provide personalised recommendations to reduce your tax liability, such as harvesting losses, deferring gains, or using specific accounting methods. 

Hence, with KoinX launching in Australia, you can now simplify your crypto tax reporting with the help of this platform. So, this tax season, don’t stress yourself out; join KoinX today to ease up your crypto tax reporting in Australia. 

You can read our blogs and resources for the latest and updated information on crypto, the associated tax liabilities, and KoinX. 


Choosing KoinX for your crypto tax needs in Australia will simplify your financial life and ensure you stay compliant with ATO regulations. Moreover, you’ll enjoy reliable reporting, accurate calculations, and expert support with us, making your crypto tax experience smoother and more rewarding. Your crypto taxation is our priority, and we’re committed to helping you navigate the crypto tax landscape easily.


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