KoinX Joins Hands With ClearTax to Ease Crypto Taxation for Retail Investors

KoinX partners With ClearTax

Crypto taxation remains a highly intricate matter in India due to evolving regulations. Further, it’s challenging for retail investors to keep track of their crypto transactions, understand tax requirements, and file crypto taxes to stay compliant with tax laws. 

So to resolve this issue, KoinX has partnered with ClearTax to support users in their crypto tax filing journey. This partnership will allow users to get access to a simpler and quicker way to calculate crypto taxes and file tax reports under expert guidance. 

Why This Partnership

KoinX is a widely recognised platform specializing in crypto taxation, portfolio tracking, and accounting that makes the process of tax calculation and transaction organization more manageable in the cryptocurrency space. With an impressive track record of generating over 10K+ tax reports, KoinX has successfully facilitated a turnover exceeding $10 billion by processing more than 20 million transactions to date.

This partnership is set to transform the crypto tax space.

Wondering how?

The integration of ClearTax with KoinX is committed to ensuring user compliance with government rules and regulations pertaining to crypto taxation. We strive towards a larger objective of simplifying cryptocurrency taxation and income tax returns(ITR) for users across all categories. We aim to deliver comprehensive education on financial advantages, best practices, and actively align with the government’s mission and goals. This partnership seeks to facilitate easy adherence to government regulations, thus helping users avoid pitfalls and sustain regulatory compliance.

At ClearTax, we relentlessly rely on the power of simplification. While our country is on a mission to digitize finances, investors have been shy of adopting crypto as an instrument of investment. So, when it comes to crypto taxation, there is considerable ambiguity. And that is where we step in. Through our platform, we’ve ensured that crypto taxation is no more a guesswork for investors. And through our collaboration with KoinX, we are empowering crypto investors so that they can file their crypto taxes unfettered,” Avinash Polepally, Crypto Business Head, ClearTax.  

ClearTax has established itself as a prominent leader that provides solutions around taxation and compliance for individuals & businesses. Their services have gained the trust of over 6 million Indian taxpayers and over a million tax practitioners.

Our core mission in establishing this strategic partnership with ClearTax is to deliver a comprehensive and dependable platform to our users, enabling them to effectively file crypto tax reports. By integrating ClearTax, we guarantee our users swift access to ClearTax’s easy-to-use self-tax filing as well as assisted tax filing under the expert guidance feature. eliminating the requirement for time-consuming research. Additionally, we have full confidence in ClearTax’s reputable standing, which will undoubtedly instil in our users the necessary confidence and assurance to undertake the tax report filing process,” said Punit Agarwal, CEO of KoinX. 


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