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how to buy ethereum
Ethereum, often referred to as ETH is a decentralised, open-source blockchain that also provides smart contract features. Among all the cryptocurrencies across the globe, ETH is right behind Bitcoin on the list in terms of market capitalization. Let us find out how to buy Ethereum in 4 easy steps.

How to buy Ethereum in four easy steps?

Step 1 – Pick Crypto exchange of your choice

Step 2 – Create an account 

Step 3 – Deposit Money 

Step 4 – Buy Ethereum

Step 1 - Pick Crypto exchange of your choice

The first step in buying Ethereum is to choose a crypto exchange of your choice. You can choose from a large number of exchanges available, such as Binance, eToro, WazirX, etc. The exchange is nothing but a platform where you can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. 

Step 2 - Create an account

Once you have finalised and have chosen a crypto exchange, the next step is to sign up on the platform. No matter which exchange you choose, you will be asked to submit a few details in order to verify your identity, and you’re good to go once it’s approved. 

Step 3 - Deposit Money

Once your account is approved, you can deposit money on the crypto exchange. There are several different ways to deposit money via Credit/Debit card, net banking, or PayPal. Select the method that suits you the best and deposit the sum. After your payment information has been verified for platforms using fiat cash, this may be rather simple. Simply add money using the debit card or bank account that is already set up.

Currency deposits in C2C exchanges can occasionally be a little more challenging. These exchanges demand that you transmit cryptocurrency between locations using a code.

Having a lot of Ethereum on hand can be advantageous because it is a common depositing currency for many C2C services. Code transfers normally take up to an hour to complete, taking a little longer.

Step 4 - Buy Ethereum

You may now simply exchange your deposited amount for Ethereum. Just enter the number or amount of Ethereum you want to buy and press “buy.” As soon as the trade process is complete, Ethereum will be added to your wallet. 

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Where to buy Ethereum (ETH)?

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1. Binance
binance us crypto exchange

Binance is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It was founded in 2017 and offers crypto trading in around 600 cryptocurrencies across the globe, including Ethereum. Binance provides high security and low trading fees for trading on their platform, which makes it one of the most suitable platforms for buying Ethereum.

Header 1Header 1
Operational SinceJuly 2017
Deposit MethodsBank Deposit, Credit/Debit Card, PTP Trading
Deposit FeesNone
Cryptos Listed600
Trading Fees0.1%
Fiat Currencies Supported27
2. eToro
etoro crypto exchange

eToro is an Israel based investing and multi-asset trading company, that allows users to buy a number of cryptocurrencies through it. eToro allows you to trade and invest in Ethereum through their website with multiple payment options, including Paypal.

Header 1Header 1
Operational Since2007
Deposit MethodseToro Money, Credit/Debit Cards, PAYPAL, NETELLER, RAPID TRANSFER, SKRILL
Deposit FeesFree
Cryptos Listed25
Trading Fees1%
Fiat Currencies Supported17+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy Ethereum with a credit or debit card?

You can buy Ethereum with a credit or debit card on Bybit. It is one of the best platforms to buy ethereum directly using a credit or debit card. In addition to this, Binance also offers the same facility.

What will you need to buy Ethereum?

To buy Ethereum, all you will need is a functional account on any of the crypto currency exchanges. Some of them are Binance, WazirX, Coinbase, etc. Once you have a functional account on any of these crypto exchanges, all you have to do is deposit money through different payment methods and start the buying process.

What is the easiest way to buy Ethereum?

One of the easiest ways to buy Ethereum is to sign up on Binance and buy directly using a credit or debit card.

Best wallets to store your Ethereum (ETH)

The best wallets to buy Ethereum are Guarda and Exodus.

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