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how to buy monero
Our step-by-step guide on how to buy Monero(XMR)

Being a leading private and censorship-resistant cryptocurrency, Monero is one of the most untraceable cryptos in the industry. Monero allows fast and inexpensive payments around the world. If you are looking to buy Monero too, here’s a guide to help you get started! Learn how to purchase Monero with a credit card or other payment methods. 

How to buy Monero in 4 easy steps?

Step 1: Choose a Monero Exchange

Step 2: Create an Account

Step 3: Fund Your Account

Step 4: Buy Monero

Step 1: Choose a Monero Exchange

First and foremost, you must select a cryptocurrency exchange to purchase Monero. Many exchanges are available, so research to find the best option which suits you. 

Step 2: Create an Account

Once you have chosen an exchange, you will need to create an account. This will involve providing personal information and verifying your identity with the exchange.

Step 3: Fund Your Account

After creating an account, you need to fund it with a payment method such as a bank transfer, credit card, or debit card. Depending on the exchange, other payment methods may also be available.

Step 4: Buy Monero

The next step is to place your order. Depending on the exchange you choose, the steps are going to vary as well. Once you have purchased Monero, you can store it in a secure wallet to keep it safe.

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Where to buy Monero (XMR)?

1. Kraken
kraken crypto exchange

Kraken is a secure exchange platform for buying Monero. It was founded in 2011 and is based in San Francisco, California. It offers users a secure platform to buy and sell digital assets like Monero, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. The platform also has advanced trading tools and features like margin trading, stop loss orders, and market depth. Kraken is one of the industry's most popular and trusted exchanges, offering low fees and a wide range of currency pairs.

Header 1Header 1
Operational Since2011
Deposit MethodsVisa and Mastercard debit/credit card, Digital wallet purchases, ACH online banking
Deposit FeesNone
Cryptos ListedBitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Polkadot, Polygon, Ripple
Trading Feesup to 0.25% per trade
Fiat Currencies SupportedUSD, EUR, CAD
2. Binance
binance crypto exchange

Binance is a top crypto exchange platform to trade and buy Monero. It has a range of coins and features like trading services and margin trading. It is popular for its low fees and fast transaction times, making it a good choice for traders of all levels.

Header 1Header 1
Operational Since2017
Deposit MethodsBank Deposit, Cash Balance, Credit/Debit Card, P2P Trading
Deposit FeesFree
Cryptos Listed600+
Trading Fees0.1%
Fiat Currencies SupportedUSD, AUD, EUR, HKD, KZT, NOK, PEN, RUB, TRY, UAH, UGX.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy Monero with a credit or debit card?

You can buy Monero with a credit or debit card on ByBit or Binance.

What will you need to buy Monero?

To buy Monero, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet to store your XMR coins, an exchange account to purchase XMR, and a form of payment such as a bank transfer, credit card or debit card.

What is the easiest way to buy Monero?

The easiest way to buy Monero is to use an online exchange such as Kraken, Binance, Bitfinex, or Changelly. You can also buy Monero with a credit or debit card, or with a bank transfer.

Best wallets to store your Monero(XMR)

The best wallet to store Monero is the official Monero GUI wallet. It is a full-node wallet, meaning that it downloads the entire Monero blockchain and stores it on your computer, allowing you to remain in full control of your funds. It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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