How to buy Tezos | Buy Tez in 4 easy steps

Learn how to buy Tezos (XTZ) on 2 crypto exchanges

How to buy Tezos in 4 easy steps

Tezos is an open chain self-upgradable Proof of Stake blockchain that allows users to build powerful tools and products over it. Tezos (XTZ) is the native token of the Tezos blockchain, which is used to stake, interact with dApps, as well as trade for other cryptocurrencies on the platform. Let us see how to buy Tezos in four easy steps.

Step 1- Pick a cryptocurrency exchange platform

Tezos is traded on all major crypto exchanges around the world. Popular sites such as Binance and list Tezos. You can choose a crypto exchange based on trading fees and services offered.

Step 2- Decide your budget

After you have registered on a platform, decide your investment budget and risk appetite. Also, it is important to have defined and well-planned goals for your investment.

Step 3 - Add money to your crypto wallet

You will need to add money to your crypto wallet based on the platform you have chosen. Crypto wallets accept credit/debit card payments, net banking, and even UPI in some cases.

Step 4 - Start buying Tezos

After adding funds to the wallet, you can buy Tezos directly from the crypto exchange. You can place a market order or a limit order to buy Tezos at a specified price. Make sure you check the transaction statement before proceeding.

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Where to buy Tezos (XTZ)

Also read: Tezos Prices Live exchange is a popular crypto exchange that supports over 1700 crypto assets around the world. With over 13 million registered users, it supports all major cryptocurrencies, including Tezos, on its platform. is known for its low trading fees and wide range of fiat currency options.

Header 1Header 1
Operational Since2013
Deposit MethodsP2P, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Cryptocurrencies
Deposit FeesFree
Cryptos Listed1700+
Trading FeesDepends on VIP levels (0%-0.2% for the maker, 0.02%-0.2% for the taker)
Fiat Currencies Supported50 fiat currencies
TrustworthinessSafe and Reliable

Binance is the world’s leading crypto exchange ecosystem offering support to almost all crypto assets. Tezos is traded at large volumes on Binance. This high liquidity makes trading convenient for traders.

Header 1Header 1
Operational SinceJuly 2017
Deposit MethodsDebit/Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, P2P Trading, Third Party Payment Channels
Deposit FeesBinance doesn’t charge a deposit fee
Cryptos Listed350+
Trading FeesFor spot trading, both regular makers and takers will pay a 0.0750% fee
Fiat Currencies SupportedUSD, EUR, RUB, TRY, NGN, UAH, KZT, INR, and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can you buy Tezos with a credit or debit card?

Most cryptocurrency exchanges accept credit or debit cards as payment options. You can use your credit/debit cards to buy Tezos on platforms such as Binance and CoinBase.

Q: Where can you store Tezos coins?

You can store Tezos in secure crypto wallets such as Kukai (web), Umami & Trezor. Although the wallets that support Tezos are safe and reliable, users must take precautions while entering their private key information on any wallet.

Q: What will you need to buy Tezos?

To buy Tezos, you will need to register yourself on a crypto exchange and connect your crypto wallet. After adding the funds to your crypto wallet, you can start buying Tezos directly from the platform.

Q: Best wallets to store your Tezos

A: The best wallets to store Tezos are AigGap, Kukai, and Ledger.

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