How to Mine Aion?

how to mine aion guide
A step-by-step guide to mine Aion

If you are looking to mine Aion but still looking for the right place with all the guidelines then we are here to help you around. Let us give a brief overview of Aion and how to mine it easily. 

Aion has been around for almost three years and it uses the Equihash mining algorithm and the Proof of Work consensus method. Both the CPU and the GPU may be used to mine this currency. 


Is Aion Mining Profitable?

Aion coin is low value as compared to Ethereum or Flux, but mining it can still yield rewards. Furthermore, the difficulty of mining Aion is not that severe and you may even try to solo mine blocks. To achieve the best results and gain some profitability, you must keep a close eye on Aion’s fluctuating pricing.

How to Mine Aion: Our Top Recommendations

Set up the hardware

If you want to mine Aion coins, you have two options: CPU mining or GPU mining. Let’s start with the simplest one first – CPU mining, which is completely free. This requires the purchase of a number of powerful processing units capable of performing the complex computations required for the construction of Aion.

When it comes to Aion mining with GPU, you have two alternatives, just like with CPU: AMD or NVidia. Both alternatives are feasible, and AMD has long been marketed as the more powerful, but more energy-hungry, of the two.

Set up the software

To get started, you’ll need the necessary software, and there seem to be just two suitable solutions at this time:

  • Minergate
  • Nicehash

They have both moved towards simple consumer software that can be easily set up and deployed. While you will still need to make some changes, they provide precompiled versions for both Windows and Linux.

Select the Mining Pool

You have two possibilities for Aion mining: solo mining and pool mining. Out of the two the more productive option is undoubtedly pool mining. It is suggested that you join a mining pool if you are a small or medium-sized miner. 

Some of the mining pools that you can look into are:


Get a wallet address

A wallet address is required to mine Aion coins successfully. Wallets such as Trust wallet, Coinomi, and Makkii online wallets may be used to store, send, and receive AION coins. You may also mine to your exchange deposit address. Aion can be purchased on Binance and Kucoin. Take note of the wallet or exchange deposit address that will be used to transfer mining payments.

Popular video guides on Mining Aion (AION)

How does Aion Mining Work?

As a multi-tier blockchain platform, the Aion network is a third-generation technology that enables value and logic to be passed between blockchain members. It will connect your kernel to the network and mine AION coins on the mainnet using either a solo mining pool or a public mining pool. Using a pool to mine AION is a much better choice, and GPU mining will definitely provide more returns.

How long does it take to Mine One Aion?

Mining 1 AION with Nvidia RTX 3090 would take 49 hours, whereas mining 1 AION with Nvidia RTX 3080 LHR would take 53 hours.

How difficult is it to Mine Aion?

The difficulty of mining Aion coins varies according to electricity costs, hashrate, and power supply. With an Nvidia RTX 3090 and an Nvidia RTX 3080 LHR, Aion may be mined profitably if your power costs less than 0.034 USD per kWh and less than 0.051 USD per kWh, respectively.

What all do you need to Mine Aion?


You may mine Aion coins using either CPU mining or GPU mining. Powerful CPUs are required for CPU mining, and AMD or Nvidia cards are available for GPU mining. Profits are maximized while mining Aion with GPUs like the Nvidia RTX 3090 and Nvidia RTX 3080 LHR.


You first need to download and install the mining program that is compatible with your Nvidia devices. Smartminer 3.1 Nvidia CUDA Miner is preferred over Aion Nvidia CUDA Miner.


You will need a reliable wallet address to store the Aion coins. We recommend that you check out the Aion desktop wallet. This is the AION token’s native Desktop Wallet app, which lets you create an Aion address and conveniently manage your funds. The wallet is available for the Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems..

Top Wallets to store your Aion

The top 5 wallets for storing your AION coins are Coinomi, Ledger Nano S, Aion Desktop Wallet, Trust Wallet, and Lumi Wallet.

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Most frequently asked questions on Aion Mining

When was Aion established?

Aion was established in 2017.

What is the current level of difficulty in Aion?

The current difficulty level in Aion is 9,252,225.

What is the current hashrate of the Aion network?

The current network hashrate for Aion is 793.3563 KH/s.

What equipment can you use to mine Aion?

GPUs such as the Nvidia RTX 3090 and Nvidia RTX 3080 LHR can be used to mine Aion.

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