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Komodo is a strong new blockchain with a lot of promise. This relatively new cryptocurrency stands out in a crowded market of identical-looking altcoins as it allows users to build products such as DAapps and DEXs on its platform. Miners of Komodo can utilize the coin on the blockchain to create their projects and carry out transactions and other activities.

It allows you to earn interest as a passive income. A rising number of people are learning how to mine Komodo to receive a 5% yearly reward if they have at least 10KMD in their wallet.

Is Komodo Mining Profitable?

It’s difficult to determine how profitable Komodo mining is because it differs from one case to another. Many factors influence this – including the 

  • cost of energy, 
  • the cost of a mining setup, 
  • and taxes. 

The best thing you can do is look at the Komodo profit charts. They’ll inform you how profitable Komodo mining is for you.

How to Mine Komodo: Our Top 4 Recommendations

GPU mining is a wise choice

It should go without saying that you cannot mine KMD without the proper hardware configuration. Try CPU mining if you’re just starting, but GPU mining should be your primary choice if you want to grow it to professional levels. While CPU mining is less expensive than GPU mining, the returns are generally low and irregular. Additionally, you might not find many mining pools willing to accept a CPU miner if you join one.

Choose a mining pool

If you want to mine for Komodo and earn a ton of money, you might consider using mining pools. The Komodo Mining Pool is one of the best mining pools. It is the oldest and one of the biggest Komodo mining pools available. To keep your network decentralized and safe, you should avoid using this pool because it constantly possesses more than 40% of the hashing power. The pool fee is standard at 1%, and the minimum payout is 0.5 KMD.

Get a secure Komodo Wallet

A reliable wallet solution is essential for smooth and efficient mining. The Agama wallet, a native multi-currency wallet, is continually being updated by the project developers. You may use any web browser on a Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS device to download this. To obtain 5% of the incentives for active users, KMD may also be staked via the Agama wallet.

Collect the rewards

After block mining, these earnings are sent to the bitcoin wallet you’ve linked. If you’re mining in a pool, you can ask the pool leader about prizes. Most pools will provide regular payments to you in the form of awards based on the success made by the entire group of miners.

Popular video guides on Mining Komodo (KMD)

How Does Komodo Mining Work?

The delayed Proof of Work consensus mechanism was initially employed on Komodo, a cryptocurrency linked to the Bitcoin blockchain, and uses its hash rate. A dPoW blockchain may be linked to any PoW blockchain. This algorithm can easily employ Proof of Stake or  Proof of Work consensus. Notary nodes are permitted to mine at a lower difficulty than regular nodes, which increases security and prevents mining conflicts.

If you use it, you may put your mind at ease regarding two of the KMD platform’s advantages, namely privacy, and security. You will have the finest levels of independence and control using this platform. It provides a completely autonomous blockchain with its infrastructure that is not subject to the influence of what happens on the Komodo main chain. By creating a duplicate copy of the Komodo blockchain, parallel chains are used to accomplish this. The same dPoW consensus mechanism protects all new parallel chains in KMD mining.

How Long Does It Take to Mine One Komodo?

According to Coinwarz, the time it takes to mine one block of Komodo for yourself is determined by your hash rate, which is essentially how strong your mining system is. The best method for mining Komodo is to use an ASIC.

How Difficult Is It to Mine Komodo?

KMDs difficulty currently stands at 411.2197M with a network hashrate of 111.1968 MH/s.

Although It is not difficult to mine Komodo. However, you must have a solid understanding of the algorithm on which it is built. Solo mining takes more time and consumes a lot of electricity. The current block reward for Komodo is 3 KMD. 

You gain 3 KDM every block if you mine alone. If you mine in the pool, you will only have a portion of this amount.

What All Do You Need to Mine Komodo?


GPU miners make more money than CPU miners. Furthermore, we can state that Nvidia is the most efficient pick for a video card. When speaking of Komodo hardware possibilities, you could test either the Nvidia GTX 1080ti or the Nvidia GTX 1080.


You should go on to the software configuration if your GPU mining rig has previously been put together and is operational. To mine Komodo, you must select the appropriate program. EWBF Zcash miner for Windows is something we advise.


We advise using Agama, the wallet provided by Komodo. This wallet is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile (Android and iOS).

Top Wallets to Store Your Komodo

The top wallets to store your Komodo coins are Ledger Nano S (Hardware), Komodo OceanQT (Desktop), Verus Enhanced Agama (Desktop), and Agama Mobile (Mobile Wallet).

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Most frequently asked questions on Komodo Mining

How much does mining 1 Komodo cost?

The cost of mining one Komodo block varies according to how much power you use.

What is KMD coin used for?

Komodo can be used to either create DApps or pay for transaction fees.

Is Komodo a privacy coin?

Yes Komodo is a privacy coin that uses its in-built privacy features to preserve investors data.

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