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Is Vertcoin Mining Profitable?

Before mining Vertcoin, you should know the incentives you will receive. One VTC is now valued at roughly $0.13. However, this changes many times each day. In any event, it’s reasonable to conclude that Vertcoin isn’t worth anything right now. However, this does not rule out the possibility of profiting from mining this specific cryptocurrency.

Currently, the payout for mining one Vertcoin block is around 12.5 VTC. The payout has been cut in half twice and was previously set at 50 VTC per block. This is due to Vertcoin’s limited supply of around 65.9 million VTC. As with Bitcoin, the VTC reward is regularly halved to reduce the rate of new currency circulation. So, keep checking Vertcoin reward rates continuously, and you will find out the right tactic to profit from.

How to Mine Vertcoin: Our Top 5 Recommendations

Mining Vertcoin on Windows

Step 1: MacMiner can be used to mine Vertcoin on macOS. There are undoubtedly other options on the market, but this is the most recommended one.

Step 2: Unzip the file to a location of your choice.

Step 3: Make a batch (create a new text file and save it as miner.bat).

Step 4: In the batch file, add the following line: setx GPU MAX ALLOC PERCENT=100 remove scrypt*.bin setx GPU USE SYNC OBJECTS=1

cgminer.exe’s route -o server -u username -p password —scrypt-vert


Step 5: When you’re finished, save it.

Mining Vertcoin in MacOS

Step 1: MacMiner can be used to mine Vertcoin on macOS. There are undoubtedly other options on the market, but this is the most recommended one.

Step 2: Due to the Lyra2REv2 Vertcoin mining algorithm, MacMiner only supports CPU mining since Vertcoin began utilizing it. This may be accomplished by creating a pool in the MacMiner preferences settings.

Step 3: In the Pool line, you need to include “stratum+tcp:/.”

Step 4: Next, you have to open the CPU miner window and click the cog to see its options. Select Lyra2REv2:

Step 5: Click ‘Apply,’ then ‘Start’ on the CPU miner, and you’re all set!

Popular video guides on Mining Vertcoin (VTC)

How Does Vertcoin Mining Work?

To create new currencies and motivate miners to protect the network and validate transactions, Vertcoin has an ASIC-resistant proof-of-work technique. The Lyra2RE(v2) algorithm of Vertcoin makes it ideal for GPU mining. The two primary companies in the GPU industry are AMD and Nvidia, although we advocate choosing Nvidia cards since they provide better price-to-performance ratios.

How Long Does It Take to Mine One Vertcoin?

As of Monday, December 12, 2022, mining 1 Vertcoin at the current Vertcoin difficulty level, combined with the mining hashrate and block reward, would take 0.3 days; a Vertcoin mining hashrate of 2.50 MH/s utilizing 450.00 watts of electricity at $0.10 per kWh, and a block reward of 12.5 VTC.

How Difficult Is It to Mine vertcoin?

Vertcoin is one of the most straightforward cryptocurrencies to mine. One VTC is now valued at roughly $0.13, however, this changes many times each day. Just keep an eye on this to improve your productivity. To begin mining, you’ll need a computer with an ordinary GPU or CPU. Miners should also keep in mind that the volume of Vertcoin mining payouts is determined by the mining gear used.

What All Do You Need to Mine Vertcoin?


As previously stated, ASIC miners will not be used for Vertcoin mining. You’ll need a CPU, GPU, or GPU setup instead. This is a significant financial benefit, as ASIC miners may cost thousands of dollars. Due to their enhanced speed and efficiency, GPUs are often more effective in mining cryptocurrencies than CPUs. In the instance of Vertcoin mining, the Lyra2RE(v2) mining algorithm performs admirably on GPUs.


The beautiful thing about mining software is that, unlike hardware, it is frequently available for free download and usage. However, some mining tools outperform others, with Vertcoin performing especially well using its own software, One-Click Miner. This free, basic mining application is suitable for users of all skill levels. It is also simple to obtain through the official Vertcoin website. One-Click Miner can mine with both GPUs and CPUs.


A wallet is required to store and manage your vertcoin. You may get the desktop wallet for vertcoin, which is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Top Wallets to Store Your Vertcoin

Vertcoin-Core is the official wallet. Many other wallets, including Trezor, Ledger, and Coinomi, support it. Using CoinPayments, merchants can effortlessly accept Vertcoin.

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Most frequently asked questions on Vertcoin Mining

Is it lucrative to mine vertcoin?

It may not be profitable to mine Vertcoin at a very low hash rate. To make a good living, you need a large setup.

Is it legal to mine VTC?

Mining VTC is legal in most countries. In fact with the crypto regulations being implemented gradually, it won’t be long before we see a global legality around mining VTC.

How much time does it take to mine one Vertcoin?

The block time for Vertcoin is 2 minutes and 52 seconds.

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