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Zcash (ZEC) is the first blockchain system to employ zero-knowledge proofs to enable total payment secrecy while maintaining a decentralized network on a public blockchain. 

Zcash mining involves using computer processing power to improve network security and earn cryptocurrency. Zcash uses the Equihash algorithm, which is optimized for GPU mining. Equihash involves solving complex mathematical problems using specialized computers called ASICs. This process is used to secure Zcash transactions and is known as Proof of Work (PoW).

Is ZCash Mining Profitable?

Zcash (ZEC) mining is a relatively profitable option for miners. Miners using the Antminer Z9 mini can expect to earn around $8,000 in under two years, which is significantly more than the returns from mining other cryptocurrencies. 

In comparison, ether miners using Antminer E3 configurations can expect to earn about $2,800 over the same period. Overall, Zcash mining seems more profitable than bitcoin mining.

How to Mine ZCash: Our Top 5 Recommendations

Choose the right hardware

Zcash uses the Equihash proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm, which is optimized for GPU mining. Choose a GPU mining rig that is compatible with Zcash and has a good reputation.

Join a mining pool

Solo mining Zcash can be challenging and time-consuming, so many miners choose to join a mining pool. This allows you to combine your mining power with other miners and increase your chances of finding a block.

Use the right software

There are several different software programs available for Zcash mining, including Claymore’s ZCash AMD GPU Miner and NiceHash Zcash Miner. Choose a program that is compatible with your hardware and has a good reputation.

Optimize your settings

Experiment with different mining settings to find the combination that works best for your hardware. This can help you maximize your mining efficiency and increase your profits.

Monitor your progress

Keep track of your mining progress and adjust your settings as needed to ensure that you are getting the most out of your hardware. Regularly check the price of Zcash to ensure that your efforts are still profitable.

Popular video guides on Mining ZCash (ZEC)

How Does ZCash Mining Work?

For Zcash mining, the proof of work algorithm implements the “Equihash” algorithm, which operates on the EWBF miner. If you are a beginner investor looking to avoid large investments, ZCash mining may be your best option. All you need to get started is a basic GPU miner, a Zcash mining pool, and Zcash mining software such as EWBF’s Cuda ZCash miner or the multi-purpose Nicehash miner.

How Long Does It Take to Mine One ZCash?

As of January 12, 2023, mining 1 Zcash at the current difficulty level will take approximately 24.2 days, requiring 1,550.00 watts of electricity at a cost of $0.10 per kWh. The block reward for mining 1 Zcash is currently 2.5 ZEC. Keep in mind that these figures can vary and may affect the profitability of Zcash mining.

How Difficult Is It to Mine ZCash?

It’s not very difficult to mine ZCash. You only need to learn the analogies of ZCash mining and you will be able to profit effortlessly. Because Zcash is a Bitcoin fork, it has a restricted quantity of 21 million coins. This implies that there cannot be an overstock. However, from a miner’s perspective, thIS limitation increases the mining difficulty.

What All Do You Need to Mine ZCash?


To mine ZCash effectively, you will need a computer with a lot of RAM and a good cooling system. You can use either a GPU or a CPU for ZCash mining, although a GPU will generally be more powerful. If you choose to use a GPU, you may need to invest in specialized mining equipment and a good cooling system to prevent overheating. CPU mining is generally less expensive, but may not be as effective as GPU mining. Keep in mind that the Equihash algorithm used by ZCash requires a lot of processing power, so it’s important to choose hardware that is up to the task.


For ZCash, you can utilize the Zcash Miner community software, which lets anybody host a complete node, mine with the CPU, and withdraw to an integrated wallet.

Top Wallets to Store Your ZCash

The top wallets to store ZCash safely and securely are YWallet, Zecwallet Lite, Unstoppable, and Edge.

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Most frequently asked questions on ZCash Mining

What Algorithm is Used for Mining Zcash?

Zcash uses the Equihash algorithm to mine. Equihash hashing explains a mathematical issue that is tackled by application-specific computers.

What is the best way to mine Zcash?

The best way to mine ZCash is by joining a mining pool rather than mining solo. 

Is Zcash Mining Profitable?

Yes. Zcash mining is viable with the correct equipment and a low power cost. Before investing in equipment, make sure to perform precise profitability projections.

What is a good Zcash hash rate?

To mine Zcash profitably, you need a hash rate of 140,000 H/s.

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