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Dai price prediction until 2030
Dai is a new digital asset that uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized digital economy. Dai is built on a platform that allows users to easily exchange and spend digital assets and offers a low-cost, fast, and secure way to conduct transactions. Let us overview the updated price prediction of Dai up until the year 2030.

Dai Overview

Genesis Date
Price Today
Price Change
24H 7D 30D 60D 1Y
Bitcoin Market Cap
Circulating Supply
Trading Volume
All Time High
All Time Low

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Dai Price Prediction

Dai price prediction 2023

Dai predictions for 2023 are that the coin will be worth an average of $1.40. According to research, the Dai price will reach a maximum price of $1.50 in the year 2023.

Dai price prediction 2024

Dai price predictions for 2024 are positive, with some analysts predicting prices in the $2.00$2.50 range.

Dai price prediction 2025

According to analysts, the Dai market will expand in 2025, with prices increasing to a maximum of $3.50 and an average of $3.20.

Dai price prediction 2027

According to our analysis, by the end of the year, DAI is expected to hit a minimum fee of $5.00. Furthermore, the DAI price can reach a maximum of $5.50.

Dai price prediction 2028

According to analysis, by the end of the 2028 year, Dai is expected to hit a minimum fee of $6.00. Furthermore, the DAI price can reach a maximum of $6.50.

Dai price prediction 2029

Dai is expected to reach a maximum of price $7.50 and a minimum of $7.00 with an average price of $7.20.

Dai price prediction 2030

When it comes to long-term Dai price predictions for 2030, experts believe that the Dai price can reach a maximum of $8.50 and a minimum of $8.00.

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Most frequently asked questions on Dai Price, Analyses, and Forecasts

Is DAI coin a good investment?

Dai is a high-risk short-term investment option. It’s not feasible to invest in the currency for good returns. Dai price is equal to 1.000 USD in January, but your current investment may also be subject to change in the future.

What is the future of DAI crypto?

The future of DAI crypto is said to be positive. The prices are expected to move upward during the next 7 years(until 2030) which makes the future of Dai promising.

Is DAI more stable than tether?

By comparison, we can see that DAI was very volatile a few years ago, but has since declined and is more stable than Tether these days. This is because DAI was previously primarily backed by cryptocurrencies such as his ETH, which now accounts for only a small portion of the reserve.

What is the point of holding in DAI?

Users who own DAI can lend their DAI to other users and earn interest by depositing it in the DSR smart contract, which depends on the DAI savings rate (effective interest rate). If the demand for DAI is high, we can increase the DAI savings rate to encourage DSR contract users to hold on to their DAI deposits.

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