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how to stake the graph guide
A step-by-step guide to stake The Graph

The Graph Staking Overview

“No Web 3 without Graph!” 

Sounds weird but The Graph is indeed the Google of Blockchain. 

Staking The Graph is secure, easy to understand, and highly profitable as it is a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains.

How to Stake The Graph (GRT)?

There are two methods to stake GRT tokens. 

The first is through a centralized crypto exchange (custodial wallet) while the second is by using a non-custodial wallet. 

The custodial wallet is your go when you have to deal with multiple cryptos but you have to share your rewards. While a non-custodial wallet allows you a delegator without sharing your rewards. 

Staking The Graph or the GRT Token via a custodial wallet

Multiple platforms allow staking The Graph on their exchange. The most popular ones are Binance, CoinBase, and OKX. You can choose any, according to your goals and budget. 

Step 1- Create an account in an exchange

Enter your verification and banking details and make a payment to create an account on a reputed crypto exchange.

Step 2- Purchase the required amount of GRT coins from the exchange

If you don’t have any GRT coins, then purchase the necessary amount of GRT tokens. To do so, go to the ‘Bank Deposit’ section of the exchange platform, select your payment method, and then make a payment to buy desired crypto tokens. Finally, choose the crypto you want to buy from that payment, in this case, The Graph. 

If you have bought GRT coins from another crypto exchange, you can receive them through another wallet by transferring the desired number of GRT coins to the wallet you just created in the crypto platform.

Step 3- Choose the STAKE option with GRT 

After you have a sufficient amount of GRT coins, select the STAKE option in the exchange platform and choose GRT as the currency to be staked. 

Step 4- Enter or choose the staking duration

Choose the right option for the duration of staking 

Step 5- Enter the amount to be staked

After choosing the staking duration, enter the number of GRT tokens to be staked. Check if the entered value is more than the minimum value for the corresponding period.

Step 6- Click CONFIRM

Finally, confirm the chosen credentials and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Your entered amount of GRT tokens have been staked for the chosen duration.


Staking The Graph via a non-custodial wallet

To stake The Graph via a non-custodial wallet, you need to download a wallet on your desired device to store your GRT coins. The most recommended one for this is MetaMask Wallet which is popular and secure.

Step 1- Download the MetaMask Wallet

Go to the website of MetaMask Wallet and download the supported version on your desired device.

You can download it as a browser extension on your desktop or as an app on your mobile.

Step 2- Create your account on the MetaMask Wallet

Enter the necessary details to create your account to store your GRT coins in the wallet.

Step 3- Buy and transfer your GRT tokens to your MetaMask Wallet

Go to the bank deposit section of the exchange platform and select the payment method to buy your desired crypto tokens,  Finally, choose the crypto you want to buy from that payment.

To transfer your purchased coins, go to the WITHDRAW section of the exchange platform, and choose GRT from the list of available coins. Then paste the wallet address of your MetaMask wallet on the recipient’s wallet address section and click CONFIRM.

If you have already purchased a sufficient amount of GRT tokens, transfer them to your MetaMask wallet.

Ensure the value exceeds the minimum amount of GRT tokens one can stake through a non-custodial wallet.

Step 4- CONNECT your MetaMask Wallet to the Graph Explorer’s Website

After going to The Graph Explorer’s website, click the CONNECT option and choose the ‘MetaMask Wallet’ option.

Step 5- Choose an indexer

At this point, you will be shown a list of indexers to whom you can delegate your GRT tokens. Choose the desired one by clicking the delegate icon on the right side of the indexer.

Step 6- Enter the amount of GRT tokens to stake

After selecting a delegator, you will be shown the details of staking. These include the Indexing Reward Cut, Query Fee Cut, etc. Examine the details shown and enter the amount of GRT coins you wish to stake with the chosen delegator and click SUBMIT TRANSACTION.

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Best Places to Stake The Graph (GRT)

1. Binance
binance crypto exchange

Binance is the first name that comes to mind when we talk about GRT staking. In addition, it charges a relatively low proportion of rewards generated on staking GRT coins. Besides, you can use other advanced features provided by Binance in staking The Graph.

  • Comes with advanced features and support to stake different cryptos. It takes a relatively lesser portion of rewards than other platforms.
  • Available in different countries in different versions.
  • Since it’s a centralized exchange, you don’t get to keep 100% of your rewards for staking The Graph.
  • It can offer limited features related to staking Graph in some countries.
2. Coinbase
coinbase crypto exchange

CoinBase is another big name in the world of crypto exchanges . It comes with a short setup time, which is attractive to many investors. Furthermore, staking GRT coins on Coinbase allows users to use some of its advanced features, such as live order book and limit orders.

  • It offers many payment features including PayPal and also provides FDIC insurance on the USD balance of its users.
  • Staking the Graph here is comparatively easier.
  • It takes a higher percentage of GRT staking rewards than its competitors.

Benefits of Staking The Graph (GRT)

  • Way to earn passive income

Staking GRT is an easy step to earn passive income and it can prove profitable in the long run 

  • Easy to use 

The website of Graph is very user-friendly and staking The Graph becomes easy when users follow the steps in an organized way. 

  • Potential for a profitable long-term investment

According to several experts, The Graph may reach a market cap of $10 Billion soon, showing its high capability for future gains.

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Most frequently asked questions on The Graph Staking

Can I stake The Graph by myself?

It’s very easy to stake The Graph through the right wallet and indexer. Metamask is a good non-custodial wallet while Binance can give good returns as a crypto exchange platform. 

Which platform is the best to stake The Graph?

The best platform to stake The Graph is by using a MetaMask Wallet. It is because it won’t charge any fees as you will choose the delegator yourself. Also, the entire process will be in your control, unlike the centralized crypto exchanges.

Is staking The Graph profitable?

Staking The Graph is considered profitable by several experts now as it is supposed to give higher and more profitable future returns. However, just like all cryptos, it also has some risks.

Which is the best crypto platform to stake The Graph?

The best crypto platforms to stake The Graph are Binance, Coinbase, and OKX. In the end, it all depends on you as to which one best fits your needs.

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