How to stake Polkadot (DOT) – Step-by-Step Instructions

how to stake polkadot guide
A step-by-step guide to stake Polkadot

Polkadot (DOT) Staking Overview

Polkadot is regarded as one of the most efficient cryptos in the industry.

You can start staking Polkadot with just 1 DOT; through this 1 DOT, you can earn up to 14% although this varies.

How to Stake Polkadot (DOT)?

If you follow the processes given below, there is a massive chance of getting a good return from this crypto. There are four effective ways in which you can start staking this cryptocurrency.

Step 1 – Join a nomination pool

Step 2 – Start nominating directly

Step 3 – Open your own nomination pool.

Step 4 – Run as a validator

Step 1 - Join a nomination pool.

This is the one of the first levels of staking. This step allows you to start staking with just 1 DOT. At this level, you can also receive rewards for being a member of Polkadot and penalties proportionally.

Step 2 - Start nominating directly

Direct nomination is not easy because you need to be a trustworthy validator. You can be a trustworthy validator by performing well and gaining investors’ trust. At this stage, the nominators only select the most trustworthy validators and gain great rewards. This is the intermediate level of staking.

Step 3 - You can open your own nomination pool

This is another intermediate level of staking. You can open your nomination pool, where you and others that join will also be able to pool their stake. Besides all these, you need to build your community and reputation as a nominator of Polkadot

Step 4 - Run as a validator

Being a validator is a challenging task. It is the advanced level of staking Polkadot. It is best for technical users who can secure their networks and construct the blocks depending on the Relay Chain. The most exciting thing about a validator is that if they do well, they can earn a reward, but if they don’t perform well, they will lose their DOT.

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Best Places to Stake Polkadot (DOT)

1. Binance
binance crypto exchange

Binance is the world's biggest platform for cryptocurrency exchange. It was founded in 2017. You can exchange Polkadot at Binance quite easily, and you can start staking Polkadot with just 1 DOT here.

  • It provides a speedy process so if you want to invest in polkadot you can open an account in Binance in just a few mins
  • Binance offers a high yield to stake Polkadot as compared to other platforms
  • As Binance is known to have a centralized system you can’t keep 100% rewards while staking Polkadot.
2. Kraken
kraken crypto exchange

Kraken is another platform for exchanging and staking Polkadot. Kraken is the first cryptocurrency exchange registered with Bloomberg and you can do Polkadot crypto exchange on this platform quickly and safely.

  • There is no minimum On-chain staking time needed to earn rewards on Polkadot staking
  • Up to 12% returns on Polkadot staking
  • The fee for the transactions and withdrawals is minimal.
  • You don’t have custody of your Polkadot
3. OKEx
okx crypto exchange

OKEx is also one of the best places for exchanging all types of cryptos, thanks to its competitive price, which is the main reason investors use OKex. You can do Polkadot crypto exchange in OKEx securely and safely with just 1 DOT.

  • Users are able to stake DOT just with one-click, 
  • OKX allows you to earn daily revenues, 
  • OKX will also assume all the cost of DOT node set-up;
  • The fee structure is multi-tired so investors have to pay more fees for staking Polkadot.

Benefits of Staking Polkadot (ADA)

  • Transparency

When you stake DOT, transparency comes in hand to hand. You can check the actual costs, the number of DOT nominees, and all the other information on the site. This offers much more visibility since investors can pick their validator node determined by the number of tokens previously staked, claimed, and fees to stake DOT.

  • Lower threshold

You don’t need a lot of money to stake a Polkadot. The minimum amount to stake DOT is $70-$75, which is much less of a barrier than other cryptocurrencies.

  • Act as passive income

You can earn 9% to 14% by staking Polkadot, which means Staking Polkadot can be one of your sources of side income. Staking Polkadot acts the same as depositing funds in your bank account, but with better returns and rewards.

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Most frequently asked questions on DOT Staking

What is the easiest process of staking a Polkadot?

The easiest process of staking Polkadot is through the software network of native Polka Dot-JS, which is the crypto exchange wallet. It will help you add more funds if you want, and you can also add 16 validator candidates.

How much can you gain from Polkadot?

You can gain up to 14% rewards on Polkadot if you are an experienced validator. The return rate of Polkadot is 14% on average. However, it continuously varies between 9% to 16.5%.

How many DOTs are required before you can start staking a Polkadot?

Currently, you can start staking Polkadot with variable amounts of DOT. Where some wallets allow you to have at least 10 DOT, some just require a minimum of 1 DOT.

What is the rate of inflation of Polkadot?

The rate of Polkadot inflation is near about 10%. The first year’s inflation is planned to be 10%, with validator payouts based on staked balances and the outstanding balance going to the Treasury.

Does Polkadot provide staking rewards?

Yes, they provide good quality rewards for staking, which will get compounded automatically. The block incentives that Polkadot validators earn when they create a block on the chain are where incentives come from.

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