How to buy Safesun | Buy Safesun in four easy steps

how to buy Safesun
SafeSun's goal is to decrease CO2 emissions by promoting sustainable energy sources like solar power and increasing awareness about carbon emissions. They plan to achieve this through listing on exchanges and building a community around their tokenomics system, which incentivizes holders and uses deflationary economics. If you are looking to buy Safesun follow the steps mentioned below.

How to buy Safesun in four easy steps?

Step 1 : Choose the Crypto Exchange

Step 2 : Decide the budget

Step 3 : Choose the payment option

Step 4 : Place your order and Buy SAFESUN

Choose the Crypto Exchange

To make a purchase, your first step will be to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange. These exchanges serve as a marketplace for buyers and sellers to conduct transactions involving digital currencies. There are numerous exchanges to choose from that offer Safesun for purchase, including Binance, Coinbase etc.

Decide the budget

After setting up an account on a cryptocurrency exchange, the next step is to determine how much you wish to invest in purchasing Safesun. Your budget should be based on your financial circumstances.

Choose the payment option

Once you’ve created your account and obtained your budget, the next step is to deposit it into the crypto exchange. This can be done through various payment methods, including PayPal, debit/credit cards, and internet banking, all of which are typically free of charge. Simply choose the option that suits you best and deposit the funds into your account.

Place your order and Buy SAFESUN

After depositing the desired investment amount into the crypto exchange wallet, you have two options to buy Safesun. Firstly, you can place a market rate order directly. Alternatively, you can place a limit order at any preferred rate you want to buy. Upon successful execution of the trade, SAFESUN will be automatically credited to your wallet.

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Where to buy Safesun(SAFESUN)?

1. Coinbase
Coinbase crypto exchange

Coinbase is an exchange that facilitates the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. It is highly favoured among traders and investors for staking and trading crypto. With a massive user base of more than 108 million individuals across 100+ countries, Coinbase is an ideal platform for novice traders due to its minimal trading fees and user-friendly interface.

Header 1Header 1
Operational SinceJune 2012
Weekly Average Transaction Volume$1.19B (As of 10/03/2023)
Deposit MethodsPayPal, Debit/Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, Apple/Google Pay
Deposit FeesTakers will pay a fee between 0.05% and 0.60%, while makers will pay between 0.00% and 0.40%
Cryptos Listed219
Trading Fees1%
Fiat Currencies SupportedEUR, USD, GBP
2. Binance
binance crypto exchange

Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers a user-friendly interface, a wide range of trading pairs, and competitive fees. Founded in China in 2017, Binance has become one of the largest exchanges by trading volume. It offers advanced trading features such as margin trading, futures trading, and options trading, and has a native token called Binance Coin (BNB) that offers discounts on fees.

Header 1Header 1
Operational Since14th July 2017
Weekly Average Transaction Volume$341.60B (As of 10th March 2023)
Deposit MethodsIMPS, NEFT, RTGS.
Deposit FeesNone
Cryptos Listed353
Trading Fees0.10-0.50%
Fiat Currencies SupportedUSD, EUR, RUB, TRY, NGN, UAH, KZT, INR etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy Safesun with a credit or debit card?

Safesun can be purchased using credit or debit cards through various crypto exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. Additionally, these exchanges offer notably low trading fees.

What will you need to buy Safesun?

To purchase Safesun, you must first have an account on a cryptocurrency exchange and then deposit the required amount. After that, buying Safesun directly is a simple process.

What is the easiest way to buy Safesun?

If you have a functional account on any of the crypto  exchanges, purchasing Safesun is a quick and convenient process when using credit/debit cards or Paypal. With just a few minutes, you can buy Safesun and complete the transaction.

Best wallets to store your Safesun (SAFESUN)

The best wallets to store your Safesun are Ledger and Coinbase. Ledger is cold storage while Coinbase is hot storage.

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