How to stake Terra (LUNA)

How to stake Terra (LUNA)- Step-by-Step Instructions on how to stake LUNA in just a few easy ways at the most reliable staking platforms.

Terra Staking Overview

Terra Station has two staking options: manual staking and rapid staking. Manual staking allows users to select validators and offer options to delegate, undelegated, or redelegate the tokens they own. Rapid staking, on the other hand, selects validators for users according to predefined criteria. Staking LUNA tokens may offer users an annual income of more than 6%, making it one of the most popular currencies for staking. According to research, users may receive 6-7% annualized interest on their deposits, depending on how they participate in the staking process. With $30 billion in tokens locked up by holders as a result of the Terra platform’s success, LUNA has surpassed Ether as the second-highest staked asset. Here is a brief analysis of the steps required to stake TERRA and the platforms that can be used for the same purpose. 

How to Stake Terra (LUNA)

These are the steps through which you can easily stake in Terra:

Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: Download Terra Station

Step 3: Connect your wallet

Step 4: Stake and choose validator

Step 5: Enter the amount to stake

Step 1: Create an account

To stake in Terra, you need to buy Terra (LUNA) tokens from any reputable crypto exchange like Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, etc.

Step 2: Download Terra Station

Once it is done, you need to download Terra Station, which is a web application used to stake LUNA.

Step 3: Connect your wallet

Now you need to connect the Terra Station Wallet with the Cryptocurrency exchange platform you are using.

Step 4: Stake and choose validator

On the Terra Station dashboard, click the staking tab (“Stake”) and choose the validator that you would prefer. 

Step 5: Enter the amount to stake

After choosing a validator, click “Delegate,” then input the amount of LUNA you wish to stake in Terra. 

Note: Staking LUNA tokens may earn users an annual yield of more than 6%, and stake payouts tend to be decided by the amount of the stake and organized accordingly.

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Best Places to Stake Terra (LUNA)

Binance is a renowned exchange for Terra (LUNA) token staking. Users must first register an account on Binance, deposit any supported cryptocurrency, convert it to LUNA if necessary, and then stake their LUNA tokens. Binance provides an easy and safe method for earning rewards for staking LUNA.

  • It is one of the popular websites for staking Terra (LUNA)
  • Binance also supports other features like sending and receiving tokens
  • Users can stake their LUNA tokens on Binance and earn rewards.
  • Binance’s staking payouts are quite modest in comparison to other sites, with a return of 1.1% each year.
  • Binance’s low LUNA staking rates are unappealing to investors with large holdings.

Terra Station is a Terra Luna native digital currency wallet developed for LUNA holders and users. Users can quickly access a broad selection of decentralized apps (dApps) and communicate with the Terra blockchain by utilizing Terra Station. Terra Station is simple to set up and operate, with a simple user interface that allows for staking with numerous validators. It also works with the Ledger hardware wallet and is interoperable with Cosmos chains.

  • Easy installation with an intuitive user interface,
  • One of the most popular platforms to stake LUNA.
  • Users can easily generate LUNA tokens for passive income
  • Interoperability with Cosmos-compatible chains
  • Tech support could be better, and there are limited nodes.
kraken crypto exchange

Kraken is one of the popular platforms to stake Terra (LUNA), and when it began in September 2021, it was one of the first exchanges to enable LUNA staking. Users must register a new account and transfer their LUNA tokens to their Kraken account in order to stake LUNA on Kraken. Users may earn up to 6% per year by staking their LUNA tokens, according to Kraken's blog.

  •  It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies.
  • One of the 1st to support LUNA staking.
  • Gain upto 6% returns on Luna tokens.
  • Not available in Japan
  • A new account needs to be created, even if you have one for transferring LUNA tokens.

Benefits of Staking Terra (LUNA)

  1. Depending on how they engage in the staking process, users can expect to earn 6-7% interest on their investments each year. 
  2. Terra is a blockchain technology that facilitates global payments using community-controlled stablecoins, and staking LUNA helps to sustain the Terra blockchain and a healthy ecosystem. 
  3. Staking LUNA also lets users engage in Terra network governance and decision-making processes. 
  4. Furthermore, Kraken Exchange provides Terra (LUNA) holders with staking, and users may receive rewards on their LUNA tokens. Another site that allows users to stake LUNA and receive incentives and airdrops while also having quick liquidity is LunaX.

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Most frequently asked questions on Terra (LUNA) Staking

What are the risks involved in staking Terra?

There are several risks that users should be aware of while dealing with Terra (LUNA). Slashing is one of the hazards that happens when a validator behaves inappropriately or acts deliberately, leading to a penalty or forfeiture of staked tokens. Another risk is market volatility, which can impact the value of staked tokens as well as the benefits obtained via staking. Furthermore, staking compels consumers to lock up their tokens for a set amount of time, during which they cannot sell or exchange them.

How often can I claim my staking rewards?

It totally depends on the platforms that users choose to stake their tokens on. The frequency of staking rewards depends on the staking duration and the platform’s regulations. Users should read the platform’s terms and conditions to learn about the frequency with which they can claim staking rewards.

Is there a minimum amount of Terra required to start staking?

Answer: To begin staking Terra (LUNA) tokens, no specified minimum stake amount is required, as each platform has a particular minimum staking amount. However, if someone is using another wallet to stake in TERRA, you need to have a minimum of 0.01 to stake LUNA.

Can I unstake my Terra tokens at any time?

The Terra (LUNA) tokens can be unstaked at any time, but users should remember that there is a 21 days waiting period before a user can unstake. However, during the unstaking period, users cannot do anything with their tokens, and a small amount of available LUNA needs to be in the wallet to pay transaction fees. Also, there may be penalties or fees associated with an early withdrawal. It depends on the platform you are using.

Are there any fees associated with staking Terra?

There are fees associated with staking Terra. There is a validator commission that you need to consider when you are claiming the rewards. Also, you need to consider the reward-to-fee ratio when deciding how often to claim rewards. It is important for users to do their research and choose a reputable staking platform with a low commission rate to maximise earnings and minimise fees.

Is staking Terra safe?

Staking Terra (LUNA) tokens is usually deemed secure. However, there are several hazards that consumers should be mindful of (discussed above) while staking. Also, it is advised to do thorough research while staking Terra.

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